based on dynamic data
for television or any broadcasting media


Modern television or any other broadcasting media often needs to convert some data to a useful visual format

There are a few types of projects we can do

  • weather forecast
  • currency exchange rates, stock market data
  • information about road traffic
  • sport event’s score
  • horoscope, today’s historical information
  • results of votes and polls

In most cases, it is necessary to have expensive software and hardware system. But we propose the new approach which is to prepare content on our side and a client gets video files which are ready to broadcast

subscription service



Monthly subscription of the production costs is comparable with a mid-level specialist's monthly salary


Our system is only in the beginning of its life. We are ready to hear our clients and add extra features


Year-long testing of the system has shown the minimal amount of failures. To exclude troubles with data providers we use reserve sources of data


Excluding human factor from process of data input allows to avoid typos and inaccuracies


The client doesn’t have to purchase any additional equipment, all rendering process goes on our side


The automation system can be run on schedule or manually.

At specific time service is started on graphic server. This service gets dynamic data and does a rendering of video files using a template.

Further, video files are uploaded to remote file storage from where they can be put into playout’s list or uploaded to a video sharing service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Preparing to a creation of automation project is a time-consuming and a responsible process. It is necessary about one and a half of month from a moment of initial discussion to the first launch.

1. Initial discussion

Sources of data (local, client’s, public or paid), daily amount of video files, a schedule, a format and a naming of files, an access to file storage

2. Design discussion

A design of a template can be either done by us or provided by a client

3. Conversion

A conversion of approved design to template which is necessary for automation system

4. Adjustment

An adjustment and an improvement of automation system according to client’s needs

5. Testing

A testing of the automation system with real data and a file storage. Measurement of execution speed

6. Fixing

Fixing of found bugs according to the results of the testing

7. Launch

A launch of the automation project. Additional quality control first months of work

Here are some of our motion graphics designs


Spendings are split into two parts: initial expenses and monthly subscription. All costs are very dependent on client’s needs, resolution, and duration of daily rendered content.


  • creation of an original design for a project
  • conversion of the approved design to a template for the automation system
  • adjustment and an improvement of the automation system according to client’s needs


  • payment for data provision
  • daily rendered video files basing on the template
  • delivery of rendered video files to remote file storage or sharing them to video service
  • technical support



The idea of this project is to provide actual weather forecast because most of similar programmes show only forecast for the whole day. Modern viewers got used to receiving an actual weather condition with their smartphones so we created an automation project which renders 5 video files a day with different data according to a time of broadcasting.

It works this way, every day in the morning system starts rendering process to provide 5 episodes of a weather forecast. Every episode matches to its own forecast time. For instance, in the morning tv channel broadcasts a weather forecast for 10:00, and in the evening viewers can watch the weather forecast for tomorrow.


Lots of people in Ukraine have a desire to learn English so we decided to create a project which helps to learn English words using cards with a word and its translation.

The flexibility of our automation system allowed us to render 250 episodes of tv programme using data from Excel spreadsheet which had been prepared in advance by specialists.

Using this spreadsheet and prepared template, we rendered video files and transmitted them to a client.

In future, the client plans to continue creating of new episodes of the tv programme. Only a new spreadsheet with new data is necessary to get more content for the tv channel.


To purchase or get any additional information please contact:

Oleksii Osynovskyi

+38 (097) 926 02 27